Why Sell with us?

Why Sell with us?

Are you a private seller downsizing or moving home? This website is easy to use, you don’t need to be a computer expert. No fancy Feedback is required. – Just simply register and you’re ready to sell!

Are you an artist wanting to sell directly to the public? This is an ideal platform for all new budding Artists wishing to get their Artwork out in the public. With no huge commissions to pay a Gallery, it makes us a perfect choice!

Are you a gallery with excess stock? Sell it with us! We can sell any stock not on display in your gallery – simply create an account and go! We only charge a small commission once the items are sold, so it’s a win-win!

Are you a private seller looking to refresh your collection? Find exactly what you’re looking for, with our easy to browse website.

Do you want to turn your Art into £’s? Get rid of unwanted Artwork with us – Your unwanted items are another person’s treasure!

If you want to sell your Art you can simply advertise on our website – and there’s no fee until you sell.