Selling Guide

Guide to Selling

Pricing your art

Use ‘Google’ to help you find out what similar art is selling for by the artist

Call a local gallery

Call the publishing house if known

Be guided by what you would like to receive for your piece


We don’t charge Listing fees! However we do take a small commission of 20% when your Artwork sells – this is taken from the final selling price (including the delivery costs) so please bear this in mind when costing up your Artwork. All sales must go via our PayPal account – This is the safest way to both Buy and Sell your Artwork.

If your item doesn’t sell you usually don’t pay a commission fee.  However, if you offer or reference your contact information to another user or ask a buyer for their contact information, in the context of buying or selling outside of Theplace4art, we charge a commission fee for introducing you to the buyer. In this case, the commission fee is based on the higher of the fixed price or the price identified between the buyer and seller.

If you sell your artwork to a user of this site without going through PayPal, you will still be liable to pay our commission fee.

If you sell your artwork privately and do not remove it from our website, and someone subsequently purchases it through our website, you will be liable to pay a fee to cover the costs of reimbursing the customer in addition to a £20 administration fee.

From time to time, ThePlace4Art may do promotions and reduced Selling fees – everyone registered to the Website will recieve an email and promotional code to be used at Checkout for that limited period

Presenting your art

Ideally, photograph without a flash (especially if it’s glass fronted)

Beware of any distracting background

If it’s a limited edition print or sculpture use the 2nd and 3rd image to photograph the number & signature (or any proof of provenance, i.e. certificate of authenticity) signature only for original art.

If it’s a sculpture photograph from 2 different angles.

When describing your art be factual & don’t exaggerate

Describe the condition, when purchased & where from, reason for sale, add the size of the item, background information about the product or artist if known

State clearly your terms & conditions of the sale, whether framed or unframed

Delivery – Costs and Packaging

State the cost of either transporting the item to the buyer. To work out the cost of transportation, and for more useful tips on how to safely and securely pack up your Artwork, please refer to APC overnight courier website. (As a guidline, an average sized piece of Artwork with a frame weighing 10kg, costs around £25 to send via the courier company APC Overnight)

Please be aware that sending goods by carrier that are not adequately packaged may result in damage in transit. This is the Sellers responsibility.

Please ensure parcels are sent out within 5-7 working days. This is to ensure all parties are happy and funds can be released on time.

Step by Step Guide

Use our selling Guide to below you to decide on the price you would like to sell your Artwork for

Fill out as much information as possible on your online form – Click on “Select” to bring up the drop down menu.  If the artist you are selling does not appear on the drop down menu, move the cursor to the down arrow on the right and click on “add new artist” – make sure all the imagesare as clear as possible, and you add photographs of key details such as signatures, certificates etc.

Spelling – Please make sure all spelling is correct – this is important, as any misspelt names or titles will make your item invisible to Buyers when searching

Ensure you have an active PayPal account – this is to save time and ensure that Buyers are happy to proceed with a sale – Paypal protects both parties and ensures nothing goes wrong at Checkout

If you know of any interesting details, or where and when you bought your Artwork, please include these in your description – It helps buyers to understand the history of a piece and encourages sales. Remember, the more appealing your items, the more interest you will get!

Delivery costs – please see our delivery costing guide. Make sure your item is securely wrapped, paying attention to the corners and edges of the frame as well. YOU are responsible for sending the item safely!

Latest Artwork

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Blooming of Freedom

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Study of keiss castle by iTrevor partridge Watercolour impressionist painting

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Giraffes At Sunset

By Kristina Brierley £330.00 20.1W x 16.1H (in)
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African Night

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