Buying Guide

Guide to Buying

The Place 4 Art offers buyers the chance to source artwork directly with the seller. This website is aimed at Art buyers looking to purchase Original or Limited Edition Art or Sculptures.

The Place 4 Art allows art collectors the opportunity to source pictures & sculptures which may have been sold out from galleries and also gives you to the chance to purchase directly from private collectors and artists themselves.

Our Website is the leading place online with thousands of visitors each week matching Fine Art sellers with buyers.


Tips on buying artwork

Searching for artwork could not be easier. You have an option to search by Artist, Title, Price,  style etc.

If you come across Art that you like and have any questions, you are able to contact the seller to ask any questions you may have

If you require any more information about the piece of art you are interested in don’t be afraid to research further. Google is a source of knowledge!


Step by step to Buying Artwork

If you have a piece or Art, or specific Artist in mind, use our search buttons to find the perfect piece of Art for you! If not, simply search by Style of Artwork or Price.

Any questions on the Artwork for sale can be sent to the Seller. They will receive notification and will inform you of what you need to know

Once you are happy and decide to purchase your chosen Artwork, an email will be sent to the seller, confirming your sale, and once payment is made by you, this will be held securely in our Paypal holding account. Not until you receive your Artwork safe and securely, will the funds be released to the seller, making it a safe, efficient and secure experience.

We give Sellers 5-7 working days to make sure parcels are packaged up and collected by the courier to send out the Buyers – This ensures both parties are clear as to when they will receive their item and PayPal funds are released

Latest Artwork

Blooming of Freedom

Blooming of Freedom

By Anastasija Kurisko £500.00
Study of keiss castle by iTrevor partridge Watercolour impressionist painting

Study of keiss castle by iTrevor partridge Watercolour impressionist painting

By Trevor partridge £45.00
Giraffes At Sunset

Giraffes At Sunset

By Kristina Brierley £330.00 20.1W x 16.1H (in)
African Night

African Night

By Kristina Brierley £330.00 20.1W x 15.7H (in)