Our Company


ThePlace4Art started as a Limited Liability Partnership in 2010.  With many years in business Buying and Selling Art through her retail Art Gallery, Shelley Cohen  heard so many of her customers ask “Could you sell this piece of Art for me” or say “I’d love to buy more Art, but just don’t have the wall space”, she decided to do something about it.

Until the launch of her website, selling pre-owned art had been difficult at best, as the majority of galleries are loath to buy back artwork.  The remaining options were to sell through online auction sites, such as eBay, which is not really the place for selling fine art and some clients find difficult to use, or through a traditional auction house which is both costly in terms of their commissions and time consuming in delivering the piece to them (and having to collect it if it doesn’t sell).

Shelley’s idea for The Place4Art came from sites such as AutoTrader, which just sells autos. Following months of research, ThePlace4Art was born as a specialist marketplace solely for anyone to buy and sell art.

It is free to list Art for sale on ThePlace4Art and a commission is only taken when the piece is sold.  The website is suitable for everyone; whether you are an individual looking to free up wall space in order to buy fresh Art, are an artist seeking an additional platform to sell your own artwork or a gallery with additional stock to sell. This is also the perfect place to buy Art which you may not find on the high street.

ThePlace4Art Limited

Following an injection of capital in 2017, ThePlace4Art became a limited company and welcomed Simon Hartley as a director to assist Shelley in improving the brand and moving it to the next level.