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The UK’s leading website for selling your Art.

Why has this website been created?

  • Are you a private seller downsizing or moving home?
  • Are you an artist wanting to sell direct to the public?
  • Are you a gallery with excess stock?
  • Are you a private seller looking to refresh your collection?
  • Do you want to turn your Art into £’s?

If you want to sell your Art you can simply advertise on our website – and there’s no fee until you sell.

With more than 30 years in business both in selling & buying art, privately & as a gallery, we were always faced with a problem – How do clients resell their art on a second hand basis?

As the majority of galleries are loathed to buy back artwork at a price which the client would command simply because of the difference between trade & retail price.

The only other avenues to sell artwork was either via auction houses at a commission fee, depending on the value, or online auction sites which do not attract fine art buyers because of the wide range of poor quality & low priced products.

Are you looking to buy Art?

The Place 4 Art offers buyers the chance to source artwork directly with the seller. This website is aimed at Art buyers looking to purchase Original or Limited Edition Art or Sculptures.

The Place 4 Art allows art collectors the opportunity to source pictures & sculptures which may have been sold out from galleries and also gives you to the chance to purchase directly from private collectors and artists themselves.

Our Website is the leading place online with thousands of visitors each week matching Fine Art sellers with buyers.


Latest Artwork

Blooming of Freedom

Blooming of Freedom

By Anastasija Kurisko £500.00
Study of keiss castle by iTrevor partridge Watercolour impressionist painting

Study of keiss castle by iTrevor partridge Watercolour impressionist painting

By Trevor partridge £45.00
Giraffes At Sunset

Giraffes At Sunset

By Kristina Brierley £330.00 20.1W x 16.1H (in)
African Night

African Night

By Kristina Brierley £330.00 20.1W x 15.7H (in)