Cupid and Psyche Old master painting

By Unknown


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, ,
Artwork Size:
135in x 164in
Frame Size:
135in x 164in
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Painting in good condition comes with frame frame and painting detachable

Datec 1890­ 1910


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The painting depicts the moment when Psyche receives the first kiss from Cupid, the butterfly to the leftsymbolizes the moment of sexual awakening. The style of the painting is Neo­Renaissance, likely tied to the style favoured by Venetian painters such asTitian and Veronese. It could be a copy after an original 16th c. composition most likely by the hand of anItalian painter. The brushwork and the overall execution belies a more modern hand particular in the face of the Cupid figurewhich does not have attributes of the older paintings. The painting, while painted in the style of the Italianmasters, is from a much later century

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