Why has this website been created?

With more than 30 years in business both in selling & buying art, privately & as a gallery, we were always faced with a problem – How do clients re sell their art on a second hand basis?

As the majority of galleries are loathed to buy back artwork at a price which the client would command simply because of the difference between trade & retail price.

The only other avenues to sell artwork was either via auction houses at a commission fee, depending on the value, or online auction sites which do not attract fine art buyers because of the wide range of poor quality & low priced products.

Tips on selling your artwork

Pricing your art

  • Use ‘Google’ to help you find out what similar art is selling for by the artist
  • Call a local gallery
  • Call the publishing house if known
  • Be guided by what you would like to receive

Presenting your art

  • Ideally photograph without a flash (especially if it’s glass fronted)
  • Beware of any distracting background
  • If it’s a limited edition print or sculpture use the 2nd and 3rd image to photograph the number & signature (or any proof of provenance, ie certificate of authenticity) signature only for original art.
  • If it’s a sculpture photograph from 2 different angles.
  • When describing your art be factual & don’t exaggerate
  • Describe the condition, when purchased & where from, reason for sale, add size of item, background information about the product or artist if known
  • State clearly your terms & conditions of the sale, whether framed or unframed, method of payment & the cost of either transporting the item to the buyer or if you’d rather them collect.
  • Please be aware that sending goods by carrier that are not adequately packaged may result in damage in transit – If you’re able to arrange collection with the buyer, please do.

Tips on buying artwork

  • Searching for artwork could not be easier. You have an option to search by artist, title, price, location of seller, style etc
  • If you come across art that you like contact the seller and discuss it further, you may wish to see more photos or visit them
  • If you require any more information about the piece of art you are interested in don’t be afraid to research further.
  • Clearly determine the method of payment the seller requires (Is VAT included) and delivery arrangement. We would advise against releasing any monies until it’s released to you in the condition agreed. If your seller has paypal or credit card facilities take advantage of this.
  • If the item is framed, decide if you would prefer to buy it unframed from the seller especially if you are using a courier service (you can always choose your own frame with a local framing company)
  • Be sure you receive from the seller any certificate of authenticity, valuation or proof of provenance.